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Key Features

• Text and Voice Inputs

• Multiple Languages

• Voice Recognition (Speech-to-Text)

• Speech Synthesis (Text-to-Speech)

• Swap Button to Swap between Input and Output    


• Save and Share Translated Texts on SMS, Messaging

  Apps and Social Media.

The Translator is an app which provides you the convenience of translating between different languages. With the Translator, you can type in an input text or speak directly into your phone to have the translated text read to you instantly. The 'swap' button enables you to swap between input and output languages. You can also save or share your translated text with your friends on SMS, WhatsApp, Evernote, etc. 

The Translator supports the following languages for iOS and Android:

English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. 


The Android version supports the following additional languages: Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian and Turkish.


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  1.  Set up your Input and Output Languages

  2.  Enter the words

    • By Text Input​

      • Enter text in input box​

      • Press "Translate" button

      • If you want to hear the words being read out, just hit the "Read" button

    • By Voice Input​

      • Press the "Microphone" button​

      • Speak the words to be translated

      • The translated text will be in the output box and the words read out automatically

  3.  Press the "Swap" button if you want to swap between input and output languages​

  4.  If you want to save or share your translated text, just tap on the translated text in the output box.

         The translated text can then be saved or shared on SMS (Messages), WhatsApp, etc.​

How to use?




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